Bloomin' Temple needs volunteers for key hours over weekend! It's your way to get FREE tickets and more!

Bloomin Temple At Night Concert Pic Courtesy Temple Chamber of Commerce

We need volunteers from 6 p.m. - midnight, Friday and Saturday. If you volunteer for Bloomin' Temple, you will get free weekend passes, access to the volunteer room with free food and drinks, and a FREE commemorative Bloomin' Temple T-shirt. Please call (254) 773-5252 or email Thanks and remember to check out // for ALL your Bloomin' Temple needs!

Tickets will be available soon!


Date: May 09-10

Location: Downtown Temple

Featuring: Kevin Fowler, Kyle Park, Bart Crow, Curtis Grimes and many more!

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Special Thanks: We would like to thank the Temple Chamber of Commerce for their support and help with this year’s Bloomin’ Temple Festival and hopefully many more to come.