To most people in our great country the date  5/3/99 doesn't mean much  ,unless maybe you got married on this day or your kids were born on this date.But to the residents of Moore, Oklahoma it's the  day a tornado slammed into their  community,that is until this past  Monday when a level E5  tornado ripped their town apart  ,killing 24 and injuring another 237. Anyone in their right mind might look to the skies and ask the  Man above why? what has this community done to deserve such devastation. Yet to a person in every interview I have seen they all are saying basically the same thing, they are just glad to be alive and they plan to rebuild ,because they love living in Moore and the state of Oklahoma. But as life has shown us on more then one occasion there is no guarantee that  this couldn't happen again, however i'm sure the residents  of Moore felt the same way after  the 5/3/99 tornado.My heart goes out to everyone affected by  this    tragedy and my prayers are with the families that love lost loves. I know i wouldn't be able to find the strength to march on after surviving two tornadoes in 14 years, most people never experience one, much long two, what are the odds that would happen anywhere? but it did happen to the good people of Moore. To help the disaster victims, please donate at  Red or by calling 1-800  HELP NOW.