Each year people destroy the Thanksgiving Meal because they don't know how to cook a Turkey. Some people even burn down their home. My family just likes to burn the gravy.

To help out the masses this year. Here is a list of a few ways to cook a Turkey.

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  • Brown Sugar Glaze

    Martha Stewart

    For those of you who like prison food. Martha Stewart give you a version of how to cook a Turkey.

  • Angry Turkey with Gravy

    Gordon Ramsey

    If you're a complete Vulgarian then you might want to curse and swear at your bird. No better teacher for that than Gordon Ramsey.

  • Kid's Take

    Advice From Children

    Some of you don't beat your kids. Which means they run the household. In case you're kid whipped, here's some advice from kids on how to cook a Turkey.

  • BBQ Turkey

    Cooking Turkey on the Grill

    In case you don't want to heat the whole house, you can take your bird outside and BBQ that sucker. When in doubt, Grill it.

  • Deep Fry a Turkey

    Give the Fire Department Something to Do

    Each year, the guys at the local Fire Department get their Thanksgiving meal interrupted by people who try to deep fry their bird and set their neighborhood on fire. Here's how it should be done.

  • Bonus Video

    How Not To Do It

    Ever wonder what happened to Jake from State Farm. He tried to deep fry a turkey.