The close of another exciting season of NBA action is drawing near and soon a champion will be declared. The two top teams in the league in both conferences will go head to head in what surely will be a great matchup between The Golden State Warriors and Cleveland Cavaliers. With that said, here are 5 things to keep your eyes on during this series matchup.

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    Will it be Cavs vs. Warriors or Lebron vs. Warriors?

    Lebron James is making his 5th consecutive appearance in the NBA Finals and this time the pressure's on his shoulders now more than ever. While the Cavs have had the best record in what many would call an incredibly weak Eastern Conference, the question that remains on everyone's lips is "Can Lebron's supporting cast help him win a title this time?" J.R. Smith and Iman Schumpert have been amazing throughout the playoffs but can that be sustained? We all know Lebron's going to dominate but just like in the past (like his first run with CLE) does he have the proper role players with him to win this year?

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    Golden State's Bench Play

    One of the reasons GS has the league's best record is its deep bench. Seasoned veteran role players like Andre Iguodala, Harrison Barnes and Leandro Barbosa are capable of keeping the Warriors in games when the Splash Brothers need a break. Its one of the most underrated aspects of this Warriors team.

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    LeBron: Headband Or Nah

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    Steph Curry's Mom Sonya Curry

    Sorry Steph, but your mom has got it going on. 48-year old Sonya Curry is a beautiful woman and has been receiving more attention than her superstar son as of late and he's kinda getting annoyed by it. Many are comparing her to Thandie Newton which is something I can see. You can expect to see her A LOT during this series.

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    Riley Curry

    She's America's new sweetheart and if Riley gets up on the podium, win or lose, we are surely going to be in for some fun! If you're looking for some laughs today, do a quick Google search of "Riley Curry Memes".