This morning as I was getting my kids up for school, I stepped outside for a minute to retrieve our mail. Upon returning, the hall ways of my home were filled with the fragrance of my favorite cologne. Apparently, my oldest son took it upon himself to spray himself with my cologne without permission. I say WITHOUT permission because as any man will tell you, growing up, you weren't allowed to touch your father's cologne because its a rite of passage. Your old man worked hard to afford to smell his best, YOU as a kid, have to respect that and haven't earned this right. So on the ride to school, I gave him a lengthy lecture on this subject and when I posted about this on Facebook, a lot of the fam had their own input. In an effort to "Each One, Teach One", I shall share the fragrances you HAVE to wear as a teenager in order to appreciate the upper echelon of fragrances for men. Youngsters, pay your dues, and pay attention.

Just spent the morning lecturing my son on the levels he must go through before he gets to spray on a grown man's cologne....better rock that Axe Spray...

Posted by Jamien Gargameljermel Green on Friday, October 30, 2015


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    Yes, every young man must start with one of the classics and Brut is recognized as the perfect "starter" cologne for young men. STRONG and manly, it easily masks your heavy adolescent stench.

    Credit: Brut via Amazon
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    Old Spice (ORIGINAL)

    Old Spice has re-branded itself as a "new, younger, hipper" brand with its insane commercials, but skip those new ones and go back to the original youngster.

    Courtesy of Walgreens
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    English Leather

    See young men, you don't just get to step into the big leagues right away. You have to pay your dues, and this one is a definite must! English Leather does smell like the name implies, you gotta rock it though.

    Courtesy of Dana For Men via Amazon
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    Cool Water

    Now Cool Water sits at the borderline of "grown" and "young". Most young men are rewarded with this classic as their "first" official "adult" fragrance even though there's still a bunch of grown men still wearing it (stop it, grow up!).

    Courtesy of Davidoff via Amazon


    Now I know a BUNCH of guys just gagged upon the sight of "Curve by Liz Claiborne" and a LOT of us have stories about this atrocity that dropped sometime in the 90's. But many of us wore it because it was easily accessible (they actually gave us free samples when I was in college, can you IMAGINE the odors?). Well, this fragrance was PERFECTLY named, because just like your teen and college years, "curve" perfectly describes what girls are gonna be doing to you anyway during this time, so get used to it...

    Courtesy of Liz Claiborne via Amazon