The big night is almost here! Saturday night we bringing the CTX together for the biggest grown and sexy party of the year! The Kiss Prom You Never Went To presented by Subzero Entertainment, Faculty Entertainment and Cindie's in Killeen is going to be a fun night but there's a few things I need to make are 5 things I BET NOT catch you doing at the Prom!

  • 1

    DON'T wear these...

    This ain't a picnic or BBQ players. Wear some shoes that cover your feet!

    Courtesy of Pinterest
  • 2

    Don't "Dab"

    In case you didn't get the memo, here it is now...The "Dab" is over. Let's be adults about this.

  • 3

    DON'T Mess Up The Line Dances...

    Its a given that we'll be getting our shuffle and slides on but if you don't know the moves, kindly wait on the sidelines, or get to work learning them...don't be like this one...

  • 4

    DON'T Come Dressed Like This..

    Just DON'T...There will be a photographer on site to immortalize your atrocious choice and a "Best Dressed" contest, but please don't make us clown you for "Worst Dressed".

    Courtesy of Heavy
  • 5

    DON'T Drink & Drive

    For real. Don't get too twisted and then get behind the wheel. If you think you might be too lit to drive, download the Uber app and use my code uberFNDP for a ride home up to $15 or come find me and I'll help you out! Here's to a fun night!