Our very own Keith Sweat celebrates his 54th birthday today and we show him some love by taking a look back at some of his biggest hits and we're going to drop in double shots of his songs all day today in his honor!

  • 1

    "Make It Last Forever"

    Its his signature song and quite possibly one of the greatest slow jams ever recorded. While no official video exists for "Make It Last Forever", I have yet to see anyone deny the awesomeness of this jam. Massive shoutout to Jacci McGhee who doesn't get the credit she deserves for helping Keith craft this classic!

  • 2

    "Don't Stop Your Love"

    Keith was a major contributor to the "New Jack Swing" era as showcased with "Don't Stop Your Love" produced by Teddy Riley. This one always gets the party jumping!

  • 3

    "I'll Give All My Love To You"

    The first thing that stands out to me on this one is "I WANT ONE OF THOSE FLY LEATHER JACKETS WITH THE FUR". This song still JAMS to this day in my opinion!

  • 4


    In the 90's Keith got with group Kut Klose and gave us this classic jam! Its a known fact that Keith doesn't have the "strongest" voice but the harmony on this jam is undeniable.

  • 5


    What I love about this song and video is that you find yourself "bobbing your head" like Keith as he crafts another great duet with Kut Klose member Athena Cage. "On on on and ononon!"


    "Why Me Baby Remix" feat. LL Cool J

    A forgotten remix jam from the 90's! This was my ISH and one of my personal favorites! We wish a very Happy Birthday to Keith Sweat and catch "The Sweat Hotel" every night starting at 6pm!