Yesterday, we talked about the family members you really don't care to see at Thanksgiving. After I wrote it, I kind of felt bad about it because I didn't want to seem like I'm "bah-humbuggish" about turkey day. I love Thanksgiving strictly for one reason: Family. So what if we know the "real meaning" of it, as long as family comes together for the sake of love, that's all that matters. So I'm flipping the script and sharing with you 4 family members here in the CTX that you can't wait to see next week!

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    Parents & Grandparents

    You've neglected their calls all year long, but they are still going to welcome you with open arms. If you're lucky to still have your parents or grandparents, its always exciting to see them at this time of year.

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    Hip Nephews & Nieces

    Your hip nieces and nephews will usually congregate amongst themselves at Thanksgiving because they aren't allowed in "grown folks business" but you can't wait to see them so they can teach you all the new dance moves and slang that will be out of style by the time you get back home but they'll at least help you get your Snapchat account set up.

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    Crazy/Hustling Uncle

    (Sorry Denzel Washington & Antoine Fuqua, but yall look like "uncles" in this photo)

    Let's not sit here and front, we got them in every family. You got either one uncle that's crazy as hell or one that's always hustling and has money but you don't know what they do for a living.

    Crazy Uncle will probably tell tall tales of his time at Fort Hood and how the VA doesn't want his "PTSD" to act up, while Hustling Uncle schools you on how he scoops up all the "pretty young thangs" in his vintage 1988 Mercedes convertible. The intrigue and mystery of that alone will lead to some awesome stories from Crazy/Hustling Uncles.

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    Divorced Or Broke Up Couples

    Now yesterday I said that "exes" could ruin Thanksgiving but they could actually make it very interesting! Especially when you see a couple that's been married for a long time meeting back up for the first time after their divorce. The tension and "clap backs" will be epic and make for a very entertaining dinner.

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