Central Texas schools are taking precautionary measures by practicing safety drills and stepping up security on many of their campuses.  Some of the measures being taken in our local area are the review of emergengy plans and safety measures with staff members, and the addition of more officers.

Friday's tragic shooting is a wake up call for our nation.  So many innocent lives taken at the mercy of a deranged killer who, ironically, was trained to shoot by the mother that he killed.

Many are searching for answers as to how to prevent something like this from happening.  I've heard that we should hug our kids more, show and tell them that we love them, teach them to be responsible, and to know right from wrong.

The gun law is now a major topic on both sides of the political fence.  Those that are for the gun law say that if the teachers were armed, they could have stopped the killer. Those that oppose say that if a gun law was in place, the chances of the killer may not have access to the high powered assault weapons that he used.

Lord only knows what the answer is, but ai believe the cartoon says it all.