I'm actually looking forward to Bobby Brown's new book "Every Little Step" when it drops soon because after last night's heart-wrenching interview with Robin Roberts, I'm very intrigued to hear more of Bobby's story. If you missed it, here's 3 things I took away from this interview:

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    Bobby Ain't Afraid Of No Ghosts

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    Everybody Hates Nick Gordon

    Bobby tells Robin Roberts that the same thing that happened to his ex-wife Whitney is the same thing that happened to his daughter Bobbi Kristina stopping short of alleging that Nick Gordon (Bobbi Kristina's "husband" who is being sued by both Houston's & Brown families for wrongful death) is responsible for both of their deaths. "There was only one person around on both occasions." Brown said in the interview. This is going to get interesting for sure.


    Frazer Harrison, Getty Images
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    Bobby's Wife Alicia Is The Boss

    Bobby's current wife Alicia makes an appearance and explains why she married the star who has a rather "checkered" past. She's also Bobby's manager and helps him deal with his sobriety issues and is currently pregnant with their 3rd child.

    Allen Berezovsky, Getty Images