(Disclaimer: To any of my classmates that may stumble upon this article, I want to be clear, its nothing against any of you, just my thoughts.)

I graduated high school in 1996 which many consider to be the "golden era" of hip hop. While the music during that time was amazing and still jams 20 years later, my high school experience wasn't exactly a "good one". Of course like everyone else, our teenage years are filled with uncertainty and figuring out what we want to do with our lives while still trying to hang on to the little bit of youth we have remaining before the real world crushes us to a bloody pulp (sounds harsh doesn't it).

But I was recently invited to attend my 20th High School Reunion and all those repressed memories of high school came rushing back to me, some good, some bad. I attended our 10th anniversary in 2006 and I hardly recall the event because I was DRUNK by the time I left. Which made me think when I got this year's invite, why do this to myself again? Here are the reasons why I WON'T be attending, tell me if I'm wrong:

  • 1

    Too Busy Working

    For some reason, my classmates decided to have this on Friday night, which is totally bad for my schedule. Not only do I have to host The Friday Night Dance Party here on Kiss-FM, I'm going to be broadcasting live at Dodge Country Used Cars Saturday with Shani Scott and we're going to be joined by Big Pokey Bear as we get ready for The First Ever Central Texas Southern Soul Zydeco Festival. Traveling to Louisiana for one night just to reminisce won't work for me.

  • 2

    High School Wasn't Exactly "Fun"

    Before it was called "Bullying" as it is now, back in my day, you had to endure insults and ribbing which I choose not to reflect upon especially all these years later. I wore big glasses and wasn't exactly the best dresser, as a matter of fact, I was called "Urkel" so much that it became my nickname (even teachers referred to me as such). As you can see in the picture below, its amazing what 20 years and lasik eye surgery can do for your self-esteem.

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    Old Flames Revisited

    I know for a FACT that one of the reasons folks want to get back together for these kind of functions is to be nosy about your life and to see if that crush from so long ago is still there. I recently was scrolling along on Facebook and noticed that a photo from one of my high school dances with an ex of mine managed to get posted onto the timeline by said ex. I understand that those 4 years may have been the highlight of your life but I've moved on and so should you. We're adults now and I'm committed to living my current dreams, not look back on past nightmares. I'm sorry but I'm good.