What would you do if you found $20,000 cash in an envelope in a shopping cart?  The answer should be a no brainer, right?  Well, before you "DUH" ME, you might want to know that a Walmart worker, who makes around $9 an hour, found $20,000 cash in an envelope that a lady left in a shopping cart.  He ran after her car, and returned the money!  And, what did he get??  Walmart's "Integrity In Action" award. What?  An Award!  Yep!  He claims his conscious would not allow him to keep the money and he never thought twice about keeping it.  I can relate, kinda, sorta... When I first read this story, it brought to mind one of my own true stories... Once I was in the bank around Christmas time, and somebody left $20 on the bank slip stand. I responded to my first reaction and scooped it up, saying to myself, "Merry Christmas to me."  I finished my transaction at the bank, and as I drove off I started feeling guilty about taking the money.  I actually had a conversation with myself as I was trying to rationalize and justify my reason(s) for keeping the money.  Was I stealing?  No, because it was just sitting there?  Surely, I was entitled to keep it as we used to say, "finder's keepers, loser's weepers".  My mind raced with all kinds of guilty thoughts like, maybe that was somebody's last $20, or maybe it was to feed their babies, buy formula, diapers, etc.  I drove around town for about 15 minutes, so racked with guilt and a heavy heart that I went back to the bank to return the money.  I told the teller what happened and she just smiled at me and said, "thank you for your honesty, but we have nobody to return the money to...Merry Christmas".  It wasn't until I got confirmation that it was ok to keep the money that I was able to be at peace with keeping it.  WHEW!!!  Talk about a sense of relief!  So as far as $20,000, or any amount of money, if I saw the person drop it, I would return it, BUT, if it were just sitting there all alone, begging for me to take it, I'm scooping and not looking back... "Money, Money, Money, Money - Monay!!"  LOL  Would you have returned the $20,000, or would you feel guilty for keeping it? Don't be shy!