The birth of Hip-Hop was the most powerful and controversial form of music ever heard.  A completely new form of expression that was held together in a 4/4 timed beat.  The soul and anguish of the inner city breaking and entering into the young hearts and minds of the young all around the world. A musical creation that was unlike any other, and this african american creation couldn't be stolen.  Born in black city ghetto's around the United States gave it it's color and its stamp or origin and authenticity.  Rap and Hip Hop had only one true to the streets, and never cross the other side.

Hip Hop is over 30 years old and it is no longer as powerful or as dominant as it once was. The old kings of brooklyn have given way to the new generation, and the new generation is nothing like the old one.  Today Hip Hop is no longer just african american and no longer street.  Today, Hip Hop has crossed over, and crossed over in a major way. Today's successful Hip-Hop is no longer gritty and no longer street. Todays Greatest thug Rapper Jay-Z is now performing with members of the pop group, "Nsync." The realest street Hustlers, Three Six Mafia are now partnering Pop Sensation, Katy Perry.  Disney Star Miley Cyrus is now on Future, Jay-Z, and Wiz Khalifa's Tracks.  Pharrell, Kanye West and Jay-Z are working with Daft Punk and Justin Bieber. Todays greatest rapper Jay-z, along with many of hip hop's greatest acts are following the trend.  The greatest  is now a follower, and it is a trend that the newest contender to the hip hop throne embraces wholeheartedly.  Drake is the number one contender to the throne of rap, but while chasing the crown he moonlights as a pop singer.

All of these collaborations are bringing forth a whole new generation of hip hoppers who are not hip hoppers at all.  This new blend of genres is no longer hip hop, and it is the birth of something new.   A new form of expression and this new form of music is what I call, "Hip-Pop!". It is the end of hip hop as we knew it and it  is the rise of a new generation.  A generation who will choose its sound and choose its new king.  Hip-Pop is here and it is now whether we like it or not.