It is officially 30 years since the iconic and classic album, "Purple Rain," was released. Prince completely changed modern music and created a genre that was so unique that no one could classify it.  I remember going to the record store to pick up his album and I went to the Pop Section and his album wasn't there.  I then went over to the R&B Section and the album wasn't there either, and so I thought, "Is Prince considered, Rock."

I went over to the Rock Section and his album  wasn't there either, and so I began wandering around the store and then I saw a huge purple display.  I large and lifelike cutout of Prince and his Purple Rain Album.  Next to his posters and artwork was a whole new section of music, and it was called, "Prince Section."  It was then that I realized that Prince was unlike any other artist, and that his music was so great and so original it created its own lane.  HAPPY 30TH TO PRINCE AND PURPLE RAIN.