Firstly, I am not a big reality tv fan, and I have never found a reality show so engaging that I have to watch it every week.  Then again I was hooked on, "The Apprentice, " when it first came out, and then after a few weeks I figured out the formula for the show.  Once I figure out the formula for the show then theres no need to watch it again, because you already know what's coming.  Having said that, the new show that is on everyone's lips is, "The Real Housewives Of Atlanta."  Whether good or bad, everyone is talking about it, and the talk is not good.

The show is primarily African American and although the cast lives an extravagant lifestyle, the ghetto and street mentality is a permanent part of the dialogue.  Each week someone is cursing someone out, slandering someone and the consistent reality television favorite  .....fighting.  Yes, beautiful, rich and otherwise intelligent women fighting.......on camera?