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Tell Me Why L.A.

Hosted By JJ Jackson

Los Angeles is the second largest city in the United States it has two baseball teams the Dodgers and the Angels, two NBA teams the Lakers and the Clippers, heck they even have to soccer teams in the MSL, but what they don’t have is a football team. Granted at one time they did have two the Rams and the Raiders,but that was several years ago, the Rams left for St. Louis and the Raiders went back to Oakland. There are many reasons given why there are no NFL teams in LA, none of which make any sense, some say there are too many things to  do in  the city then to spend 3 hours at a football game or  no one will take the time to watch games on tv when they could start as early as 10am. Traffic is another problem mentioned as it would take too long to get into the area where the games would be held and lastly there is not a modern enough stadium to host an NFL team in the area. Let’s look at some of these issues, there has been talk of building a new stadium, but the city goverment  as well as the state can’t seem to agree on funding and where the stadium would be built, ok i get that but there are other venues you could use in the short term, such as the Rose Bowl or the  Coliseum (the Raiders did play there when they were in LA).As for traffic people are used to traffic jams, so they would and have put up with that for years, do you think there is no traffic if you go to a  Dodgers or Lakers game? sure there are many things to in LA, but again you think there arent things to do in Miami ,New York or Chicago. The Truth of the matter is the NFL is the reason there is no football team in the area, they want to control the market and decide which team winds up playing in the market, the league says they are against expansion,but the Vikings, the Jaguars the Chargers and even the Rams are  said to be thinking about a move, of the four teams the Jags make the most sense as they are not drawing well in Jacksonville,howere the owner has  close ties to the community and would perfer to keep his team in Florida.The Vikings have stadium  problems in Minnesota and the Rams want stadium improvements in St. Louis, so it is possible they might consider a move back to LA and lastly the Chargers say they are looking at the market move, but most insiders feel they are just trying to get a better stadium deal from San Diego with the threat of moving 90 miles north. Whatever the reason it’s time  for the NFL to get their act together it’s been over  15 years yes 15 years since an NFL team has called LA home, that has got to and needs to change.